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If you experience an outage, call us anytime at 1-800-286-2000 (860-947-2000 in Hartford/Meriden).

Report an Outage using our online application.

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Customers can also get text message updates via a mobile phone.

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Are you ready for a storm? It takes at least two things to get through the effects of a severe storm: preparation and patience. Read suggestions to help you prepare and remain safe, or peruse some frequently asked questions.

Read about how CL&P prepares before a storm arrives and what we do after a storm hits.

View this simple animation that describes the process CL&P follows to restore power after a storm.

View the list of our most historic storms.

Power outages happen for a number of reasons:

  • Weather - Winds, heavy snow and thick ice on trees or tree limbs can bring trees into contact with our wires and cause an outage. Lightning can also strike our equipment or trees near it.
  • Nature - Animals occasionally contact parts of our system in a way that causes an outage. Large birds, squirrels and raccoons are frequent culprits.
  • Motor vehicle accidents - When a motor vehicle hits a pole and damages or breaks it, power outages sometimes result.
  • Cranes and excavation machinery sometimes cause outages.
  • Equipment failures in any part of our system: overhead, underground, substations, transmission lines, etc.
  • Vandalism - Our equipment is sometimes damaged by gunshot or objects thrown at it.
  • Routine, planned maintenance - On occasion, and with notice to our customers, we intentionally de-energize an area to perform necessary maintenance where safety to the worker prohibits working on "live" lines.